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Welcome to the members area specifically for EH&S Professionals. This area is a repository for EH&S information that we have shared and discussed within our network. The information in this area is for the NMI members only and only for designated individuals on each of the members sites.

At the request of the members some documents may be placed on the public section of the NMI web site.

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Documents Poster Date
Construction (Design and Management) 2015
CDM 8ways infographic – 8 ways manufacturers could get caught out by the contruction (design & management) regulations 2015.  Will they affect you? Ken Williamson 23/04/15
Construction Division – CDM 2015 – stakeholder briefing presentation – March 2015 – A brief background to the
changes with outlines of HSE’s policy objectives, regulatory changes & how HSE will approach CDM 2015 during visits. It is not a detailed examination of every regulation
Ken Williamson 23/04/15
cdm-2015-clients-printer-friendly guide – The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM 2015) are the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of
construction projects. CDM applies to all building and construction work and includes new build, demolition, refurbishment, extensions, conversions, repair and maintenance. This guide is based on sound industry practice and will particularly help small businesses and organisations deliver building and construction projects in a way
that prevents injury and ill health.There are six guides: one for each of the five duty holders under CDM and an additional one for workers.  This one is for Clients.
Ken Williamson 23/04/15
cdm-2015-designers-printer-friendly – As above – for Designers. Ken Williamson 23/04/15
cdm-2015-contractors-printer-friendly – As above, for Contractors Ken Williamson 23/04/15
cdm-2015-workers-printer-friendly– As above, for Workers Ken Williamson 23/04/15
cdm-2015-principal-contractors-printer-friendly – As above, for Principal Contractors Ken Williamson 23/04/15
cdm-2015-principal-designers-printer-friendly – As above, for Principal Designers Ken Williamson 23/04/15
CDM2015 – Construction Phase Plan– A construction phase plan is required for every construction project. This does not need to be complicated.  A simple plan before the work starts is usually enough to show that you have thought about health and safety. Ken Williamson 23/04/15
Short Guide to CDM 2015 – A short guide for clients on the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 Ken Williamson 23/04/15
Managing health and safety in construction – This publication provides guidance on the legal requirements for CDM 2015 and is available to help anyone with duties under the Regulations. It describes the law that applies to the whole construction process on all construction projects, from concept to completion; and what each dutyholder must or should do to comply with the law to ensure projects are carried out in a way that secures health and safety. Ken Williamson 23/04/15
CDM2015 Video – CITB have published a very engaging 2 minute cartoon style presentation on Youtube Ken Williamson 23/04/15
COSHH Essentials
COSHH Essentials for the microelectronics industry Stewart Cook 24/12/13
COSHH Essentials Wet Benches Chris Clegg 01/02/13
European Legislation Information
nMP Restriction Proposal – Draft – There is now a draft proposal for a restriction of nMP based on an occupational exposure threshold now published by ECHA. This now goes through a 6 month consultation process with ECHA. This has been a major topic of ESIA in past year. ESIA is putting together a response for the European industry to the ECHA consultation. David Law 29/10/13
Monitoring Documents
EHS-Mgr-Oct-Roadmap-Review-for-MJWG-Nov-13 Dave Starling 03/11/13
HSE Roadmap from MJWG Dave Starling 23/09/13
Monitoring Document David Law 31/07/13
Miscellaneous Information from Members
Leadership in TA – Audit sheet Ken Williamson 23/04/15
Electrical Inspections & test requirements – Compugraphics’s Procedures Alan Dingwall 22/11/13
Occupational Health Job Application Criteria David Starling 07/11/13
Cooling Tower Inspection Information -At the last NMI H&S managers meeting at NXP the subject of cooling tower inspections by the HSE was brought up.Went to a presentation by Ashland water treatment company yesterday which was about what to expect in the forthcoming inspection of cooling towers by the HSE. Evidently it will happen, the HSE’s intention is to cover the whole country. It was suggested during the presentation that companies that had not filled in the questionnaire would be highest on the list of inspections, as would companies with multiple cooling towers and companies in built up areas.This is a pdf copy of the presentation given and the inspection pack that will be used by the inspectors when they are on site. Dave Spence 31/07/13
LEV Requirements – One of my actions from the last meeting was to pull together a document outlining what we need to do as an industry to comply with the requirements of LEV. I’ve put together the attached for review which is basically a combination of COSHH essentials & other bits of information I’ve done in the past as a starting point. Chris Clegg 31/07/13
Shin-Etsu Straw Man doc- MMaintenance Inspection Procedures – Created with regard to controlling maintenance and breakdown activities. This is in response to HSE recommendation 101. It has been written in the style of the Microelectronics CoSHH essential series. Stuart CookJohn Wastle 31/07/13
Industry position regarding Wet Benches Chris Clegg 01/02/13
Monitoring of Hazards Chris Clegg 01/06/13
Leading Lagging Indicators -This document is one we started to put together at Diodes to further explain what is behind each indicator.Just as an explanation some of the leading indicators are self-explanatory, however we felt that some indicators required further explanation. Taking legionella check as an example, if it’s as simple as legionella check all you know is, have I got legionella or not, and this is then a lagging indicator. What we actually do is a whole series of checks and pm’s to mitigate legionella becoming an issue, which are the leading indicators. Dave Spence 31/01/12
EHS Metric Scorecard -The EHS Metric scorecard is the blank document we have all been looking at and can modify if required to suit each individual business. Dave Spence 31/01/12
Chemical Workstations Derek Boyd 24/11/11
Notes from JWG meeting #75 at Diodes Ken Williamson 14/04/15
Notes from EHS Managers Group, Bourns David Law 25/02/14
Notes from EHS Managers Group David Law 01/07/13
Notes from Joint Working Group David Law 01/07/13
Regulation / Legislation
Nanomaterials Guidance from HSE David Law 31/07/13
Checklist Documents for Safety Tours
Bourns – This is one that the British Safety Council suggested when they came to site to train our safety committee. You can of course modify to your own requirements. Toni Catalano 01/11/13
Diodes – Have attached a couple of checklists, one that the union health and safety reps use and a more general one that we use as part of 6S. (5s quality system with an element of Safety as well) Dave Spence 01/11/13
Oclaro Nodhlaig Nicholl 01/11/13
Plessey – Attached is a basic checklist I use during EHS inspections of the site, it was created a few years ago to cover inspection requirements of the environmental permit. Other bits have been added over the years. Robin Steele 01/11/13
SPTS Sue Archer 01/11/13
Accident Recording & Reporting
H&S Score Card – Dynex Vanessa Carter 25/02/14
XAAR WIR basic form Roy Harford 25/02/14
Accident Incident Hazard Reporting Form – Copy of Diodes Accident, Incident and Hazard form. We print these in booklet form on A3 and leave them with the first aid kits so they are available at all times for everyone. Dave Spence 25/02/14
Safety Monitoring, Prevention of Accidents & Communications
Safety, Health and Environment Committee Meeting Paul Ashenden 20/03/14
Accident/Incident Form (BAE Systems) Paul Ashenden 20/03/14
Corrective Action Register (BAE Systems) Paul Ashenden 20/03/14
Near Miss Reporting Form (BAE Systems) Paul Ashenden
Safety, Health & Environment Suggestion Form (BAE Systems)
Paul Ashenden 20/03/14
ESIA Information
F-Gas European Legislation 2014 – For Producers and Importers Shane Harte 21/03/14
F-Gas European Legislation 2014 – Exemptions Shane Harte 21/03/14
F-Gas European Legislation 2014 – Confirmation/Registration Shane Harte 21/03/14
Pre-2011 archive
Presidency compromise text of 14/12/2009 Derek Boyd 22/12/09
NWEEE and RoHS Reviews – Dec 2009 Derek Boyd 22/12/09
Draft EP report on ROHS 16/11/09 Derek Boyd 22/12/09
REACH Report
Derek Boyd 16/10/09
REACH Summary Derek Boyd 16/10/09
HSE Inspections 2009 -Presentation from Peter Woolgar to Plant Managers meeting 05/03/09. Derek Boyd 27/04/09