PMT are dedicated to the provision and service of contamination control equipment.

They supply particle counters for surfaces, air and liquids, microbial air sampling, compressed gas sampling, ESD elimination, cleanroom monitoring, real time viable particle counting for air and rapid microbial monitoring for water as well as other contamination control processes.

PMT (GB) Ltd is a member of a group of independent companies operating throughout France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany, all dedicated to contamination control within critically controlled industries, and all working together to provide total European expertise and support.

Particle Counters

PMT (GB) Ltd is a leading Particle Counter supplier. They offer an extensive range of counters that will meet your needs in air monitoring. They offer a range of instrumentation for Airborne Particle Counting, Cleanroom Monitoring, and Particle Monitoring Systems all of which are ISO21501-4 and ISO16444 compatible.

Their range of particle counters extend to Liquid Particle Counting, which offers a wide range of instrumentation for monitoring particles in Liquid, chemical and Parental Sampling.

Microbial Air Samplers

PMT (GB) Ltd can supply a wide range of Air Samplers for the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Food and Laboratory industries.

We can offer fixed microbial samplers, portable and Microbial Gas samplers for a broad range of environmental monitoring applications in cleanroom, operating theatre, isolators, and other controlled areas.

21CFR Part11 compliant, validated to both ISO14698 and the new EN17141 Cleanroom and Associated Environments standard.
Flow rates from 28.3lpm to 180lpm.

Air Purification

With the Calistair C300 you too can eliminate almost all air contaminants including microbial contamination. Whether it’s a laboratory, medical practice, legal office, corporate or private premises, Bacteria, fungi, allergens along with volatile and organic compounds in gaseous form are also effectively eliminated from indoor air.

In contrast to conventional air purifiers, the underlying technology of the Calistair C300 is based on that of a professional decontamination unit and ensures effective disintegration of the captured contaminant particles within minutes. This is confirmed by tests conducted by a prestigious institute, In fact, the Calistair C300 fully complies with Class 2 of the stringent French standard for clean air in healthcare facilities (NF S90-351) when operating in a 40m³* room.

Particle & Static Elimination

PMT (GB) Limited are able to offer a range of ionization and process monitoring products, whether it is for the work bench, inline ionisation or cleanroom ESD control.

Our aim is to help you reduce packaging, waste and operational costs along with improved final product quality. Our equipment controls ESD and static build up to improve operations, contamination issues and increase quality.

PMT (GB) Ltd offers a comprehensive approach to total cleanroom ionization. Proper grounding can effectively reduce charges on conductors, but only ionization can eliminate harmful charges on isolated conductors and insulated materials such as plastics.

Rapid & Realtime microbial monitors

Lab based, on-line or portable realtime and rapid microbial monitors are ideal for speeding up route cause analysis, room release and product release without having to wait the standard 5 days to assess the microbiological quality of your Water or Environment when you can respond within less than hour or instantaneously?

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PMT (GB) are able to support the customer from initial request, solution design, equipment supply, and full support for maintenance and calibration both on-site and in-house. Contact us for more information

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