NMI coordinates a Lean Manufacturing Network where companies can share and learn from one another, similar to some of our other activities.

We have a very practical approach, our whole philosophy with this group is “Seeing is Believing” and so we arrange visits to a range of manufacturing operations. Through our experiences we know that learning and developing ideas can be accelerated where staff can “see” actual improvement work rather than working in isolation or only reading textbooks or listening to presentations.

The aim of these events is to help generate new actions, resulting in tangible improvements. However, we also recognise many other benefits exist to such as:

  • See best practices
  • Give & receive feedback on projects
  • Develop new ideas
  • Solve problems
  • Gives confidence on what works elsewhere – can work in your own environment
  • Develop effective relationships with colleagues on other sites
  • Involve all levels of staff where appropriate

We have visited many different types of manufacturers and have involved a wide range of staff in this activity.

We are constantly developing new approaches to generate value for our members.

If you want to find out more or would like to attend an event please contact us.