Membership Benefits

NMI provides a broad range of benefits and services, each intended to support the health of your business and the UK industry..

Membership is for all organisations active in the Electronics Systems supply chain from early stage SMEs to large multi-nationals. This includes organisations such as system integrators, electronic product companies, consultancies, IDM’s, fabless semiconductor manufacturers, fablite, design services, manufacturing, foundry, test, equipment suppliers, failure analysis service suppliers, PCB design & manufacturers, universities, research organisations, EDA vendors, technical training vendors and more.

NMI Member Benefits

There are many tangible and intangible benefits to NMI membership such as having a dedicated organisation championing your sector ensuring we are seen and heard. Yet there is so much more and we find that organisations that actively participate derive the greatest value from their membership including the following:

  • Membership and Attendance of all NMI operated Innovation and Excellence Networks (no additional fees)
  • Discounts for Conferences and the Annual Dinner
  • Access to qualifying Best Practice Forums
  • Representation to Government, Policy Makers & Public Funding Bodies
  • Access to the NMI materials in Basecamp
  • Advocacy – promoting the contribution of electronics to society and the economy
  • Access to Education and Training Activities
  • Publicity & Marketing Opportunities
  • Access to the extensive NMI knowledge networks and resources
  • Access to NMI’s Brokering and Signposting Services
  • NMI’s Regular Newsletter, Bulletins and Yearbook
  • For manufacturing organisations, Administration of emissions monitoring to enable your company to benefit from the Climate Change Levy Rebate.