Core Values

For 100 years, Watlow’s commitment to innovation has created a steady stream of new products, a devoted and capable workforce and constant growth. We strive to deliver value to our customers by following the principles of Lean, an organizational philosophy that promotes continuous improvement. At Watlow, our lean journey, as well as our core organizational beliefs are aligned with the Watlow Way, a set of core principles, behaviors and values which guides our company and is woven through every decision we make.

Environmental Sustainability

Some of our best work is performed in areas intended to protect and preserve our environment.

Solutions that reduce harmful emissions are one of the most attractive features associated with our electrification and decarbonization solutions. We believe protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility and both our products and our own lean manufacturing processes are designed to address these challenges. To the greatest extent possible, we continually strive to reduce the waste of our raw materials by incorporating materials that minimize adverse effects on our air, water, or land.

Social Responsibility

Promoting Positive Work Culture and Acting Socially Responsible

We realize that for our team members to perform at their best, our work culture needs to be a constructive environment where all team members can contribute in meaningful ways.


At Watlow, we aim to lead by example.

Team members are expected to support the Watlow Way through our value “Do What is Right.” We aspire for all team members to have an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity in business operations and strive to achieve the highest level of ethical and moral standards.

Energy and Environmental Technologies
Reducing Carbon Emissions and More

As worldwide demand for energy continues to grow, Watlow’s Energy and Environmental Technologies business unit strives to provide differentiated, environmentally friendly thermal solutions that help our customers:

Semiconductor Processing

Watlow provides semiconductor development teams with innovative thermal systems that give equipment manufacturers a unique competitive advantage. We do this through engineering collaboration and deep domain knowledge delivering high performance solutions at your pace.

Clinical Equipment

Watlow provides clinical diagnostic equipment OEMs with proven solutions that enable exceptional thermal control. We accomplish this with rapid prototypes and leading thermal technologies that meet the most demanding product specifications.

Foodservice Equipment

Watlow provides foodservice equipment engineers with reliable thermal products that deliver a competitive edge. We do this through deep application knowledge and design expertise supporting you at all stages of development and the entire product life cycle