Alter Technology is an OSAT providing outsourced assembly/packaging and test of microelectronic semiconductor devices such as ICs, ASICs, MEMS, sensors, laser diodes, LEDs and VCSELs.

We support customers from initial prototype assembly to full run-rate production. Our state of the art, automated assembly equipment can support millions of die per year and includes plastic encapsuled QFN packages.

Packaging takes place in our Scotland based ISO class 7 clean room, supported by an ISO9001 and EN9100 certified quality management system.

With our group of companies in Spain, France and Germany we can offer end to end turnkey backend semiconductor manufacturing, from wafer test to assembled and tested product. Full device qualification can be offered following automotive or space standards, including testing for lifetime/endurance, environmental, mechanical shock/vibration and radiation.

Fast IC prototype packaging

Our Fast IC packaging service helps customers with rapid evaluation of new designs, reducing cost and accelerating time to market before ramping volume production. The use of standard open-cavity packages and design rules enable turnarounds of 5 working days.

QFN volume production

Low-cost plastic encapsulated QFN (quad flat no-lead) packages for batch sizes from 100pcs to 1000s, with total capacity for millions per year. A range of open-tooled lead frames are available in stock to accommodate common die sizes and pin counts.

Advanced Packaging

Alter offer advanced packaging techniques such as flip-chip, stud bumping and multi-chip assembly enabling heterogeneous integration of multiple semiconductor types and system in package.

Hermetic & Hi-Rel Assembly

For devices in high-reliability applications such as space and aerospace, Alter offers fully hermetic packaging in ceramic or metal packages. We have space heritage ranging from low-earth orbit to deep space exploration.


Alter offer a range of diode laser modules for customers who cannot find standard off-the-shelf solutions. Including fibre coupled butterfly packages with integrated cooling for hi-rel applications, integrated collimation optics and hermetic sealing.