Established in 1987 and based in Andover, United Kingdom, Inseto is a leading technical distributor of equipment and related materials to the semiconductor, microelectronic and advanced technology sectors.

Wafer Selection

Inseto holds a wide variety of wafers in stock and has a versatile online store that makes selection very easy. Materials include silicon, silica, glass, SOI, SOS and germanium. Also, the company has produced an invaluable wafer selection guide and has experts on hand that are only ever a phone call away.


Inseto’s Equipment Division provides market leading manufacturing, test and inspection equipment for the electronic, microelectronic, photonic, photovoltaic and semiconductor industries.

Equipment includes:

Inspection Equipment * Ink Jet Printing * Wafer Coating Development * Mask Aligners * Photomask Equipment * Wafer Furnaces * Wafer Bonders * Wafer Solder Bumping * Plasma Cleaning and Etching * Wafer Probers * Laser Trimming * Dicing Equipment * Scribing Equipment * Die Bonders * Vacuum Reflow Ovens * Sinter Die Attach * Wire Bonders

The company has three divisions: processing equipment, consumables (including packages) and adhesives.

Advice and Guidance

Keen to support and inform, Inseto has created an extensive knowledge base of articles and guides. The information is freely available. Enjoy.


Inseto has a dedicated adhesives division. Adhesive types available include:

UV- and Light-Cured Acrylate and Epoxy * Light-Activated Adhesive * Dual Cured (Light and Heat or Humidity) Adhesive * Heat-Cured Epoxy * Cold-Cured Two-Part Epoxy * Anaerobic Cured Adhesive * Silicone Sealant.

UV curing and adhesive dispensing equipment – used for processes like ‘dam and fill’ – are also available.


Packages available from Inseto include:
Hermetic Power * RF and Microwave * Thermal Imaging HTCC Optoelectronics * Bathtub Packages

Bond Test & Materials Testing

An Inseto strength is, without question, process development – including exploration, refinement and verification through test. Also, unlike most distributors, Inseto has its own Process Development Laboratory. It contains equipment Inseto has purchased (as opposed to being on loan) that is available to organisations that want to develop/trial new processes without using their own equipment, which is typically already in constant use. The laboratory is also a great way for interested parties to trial equipment. In addition, users have access to Inseto’s process specialist, who also provide training.