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EIP is an award-winning patent law firm advising on high-value and complex patents with seven offices across four countries, strategically located in major intellectual property hubs: the UK, Germany, Sweden and the US.

EIP’s multidisciplinary team combines patent attorneys, litigators and commercial IP lawyers. EIP has been recognised for their expertise across legal directories and awards. Most recently, they’ve been nominated for Managing IP’s Firm of the Year Award 2024 after winning the same category in 2023.


EIP Digital covers a wide range of electronics, computer and software technologies, with a deep expertise in semiconductors. Their technical specialists have expertise in semiconductor materials, transistor and processor design, analogue and mixed-signal processing, and advanced packaging. The team also includes semiconductor industry experts who can advise on IP strategy in the sector. In addition, the commercial law and IP litigation experts can assist with commercial agreements, licensing and patent disputes.


Digital is one of six technology service lines at EIP, created to make the process of innovating in the electronics sector smoother. With deep roots in digital technology since 2000, EIP specialise in patent drafting, strategic prosecution, and litigation in high-tech patent cases. The team handles technology areas such of computer hardware, software, AI, and telecommunications.

What sets EIP Digital apart is firsthand industry experience and commitment to staying on top of emerging technologies. EIP’s attorneys have backgrounds in electronics, physics, semiconductors, telecommunications and software, and bring a wealth of in-house experience. This ensures we’re not just legal advisors but strategic partners who understand the intersection of technology sectors, including electronics and automotive, AI and semiconductors.

For electronics innovators looking for a partner who gets the technical and legal challenges of the industry, EIP Digital offers the expertise and track record you need to protect and leverage your innovations effectively.


Advising on commercial arrangements and agreements on the exploitation and use of Intellectual Property Rights, information technology, and ancillary issues and on issues arising in relation to data protection and rights of privacy.

Patent Strategy

A coherent IP strategy is crucial to any business, from start-ups looking to formulate best practice for the protection of their IP, to established companies managing multinational patent portfolios.

IP Intelligence

EIP’s patent intelligence services are known to provide significant added value over standard third-party services, offering much higher immediacy, business-relevance and accuracy.

SEP Analysis

EIP’s Standard-Essential Patent(SEP) team provides support to clients engaged in the analysis of patentportfolios for licensing-related activities


Trademarks can be extremely valuable company assets and the importance of protecting and maximising your IP can not be underestimated. EIP provides high-value advice worldwide through its US office and their partnership with leading European firm Stobbs.

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EIP’s attorneys work in specific legal and technical areas, with some having expertise in multiple areas. Specialised practice groups pool staff, expertise and resources in a dynamic way. Their highly regarded team of patent attorneys provide a robust preparation service and prosecute patents in Europe, UK, USA and countries across the world.


Opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office (EPO) can be procedurally, technically and strategically complex. Their experience of these proceedings, representing both patentees and opponents, often involving multiple parties, makes EIP the firm of choice for clients seeking representation in these proceedings in all technical areas.


EIP’s litigators work with our own expert patent prosecutors, providing comprehensive litigation coverage across the most complex and technical areas of patents. The firm unites highly-ranked professionals, expert patent search, and multi-jurisdictional litigation management in one cohesive team.