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NMI Meet & Greet

Introducing the very first free to attend NMI: Meet and Greet event 24th November at the Holiday Inn, Newport.

The global semiconductor industry has drawn an increasing amount of attention in recent times as it is not only economically important, it is also a strategic sector that is vulnerable to supply issues. It should be of little surprise that national governments are reviewing their positions as a consequence – including the UK government – as we emerge, post-Brexit and post-pandemic.

And as we look to re-connect, its critically important for industry to re-establish working relationships, seek new partnerships, and catch up on developments that may have been missed while we’ve all been away. Perhaps you’re even looking for a new opening, or to find a few (perhaps young) new recruits too?

We hope that you’re as keen to ‘get back out there’ as we are. If you are, consider yourself invited to a new type of networking event from NMI – specifically designed to help the UK’s semiconductor industry emerge together and strong. We’re simply calling it, NMI: Meet and Greet – it’s is an ideal opportunity to network and re-engage. It’s also free to attend as well!

We tend to think of Meet and Greet as a supply chain event, yet it is much more than this as it brings together a rich and diverse set of stakeholder groups including Manufacturers, Designers, Suppliers, Universities. We’ve also invited students along too as they consider their future career opportunities.

Meet and Greet is hosted by NMI – the home for the semiconductor industry in the UK.

Not an NMI member? Not a problem – come along and meet the team.

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