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Building a Trusted AI-based System: Life at the Edge

In this first webinar we consider the devices, including sensors and actuators, that exist at the edge of the system. With more processing moving to the edge, then device selection is becoming more complex.

The webinar should help attendees to better understand the overall system architecture and the capabilities of the edge devices.

Image reproduced from the paper “Deep Learning With Edge Computing: A Review.” Proceedings of the IEEE 107.8 (2019): 1655-1674″ Chen, Jiasi, and Xukan Ran.

Our Speakers

Aurelien Desombre

Program Director

TESSOLVE Embedded Systems

Michal Gabrielczyk

Head of Edge AI

Cambridge Consultants


Explainable AI (XAI) for Trusted Systems
Pete Lockhart CTO and Mike Hook Principal Project Consultants,  Roke Manor

Intelligence at the edge: Why the future of AI is on-device
Michal Gabrielczyk, Head of Edge AI, Cambridge Consultants

Developing IP Platforms for Deep Neural Networks
David Harold, CMO IMG, Imagination Technologies

Automotive Applications at the Edge
Curt Hillier, Technical Director, NXP

AI and sensors, how to build a smart system, opening new possibilities
Aurelien Desombre, Programme Director, Tessolve

NMI Electronic Systems Design Group Presents a Series of 3 Webinars: Building a Trusted AI-based System

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems are becoming prevalent in a wide range of industries, distinguishing new innovative products with inference capabilities. However, their introduction brings additional challenges regarding their reliability, safety and security…

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