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Building a Trusted AI-based System: Bringing it All Together

In this third and final webinar we discuss how to build a trusted AI-based system. This includes demonstrating that the integration of cloud processing with the edge devices and communication infrastructure discussed in previous webinars is secure as well functional.

The webinar should help attendees to better understand what is required to demonstrate that an AI-based distributed system can be trusted.


12.00 Introduction
12.05 Dan Wilkinson – Graphcore
12.25 Peter Davies – Thales
12.45 Chris Longstaff –Mindtech Global
13.05 Dr William Jones – Embecosm
13.25 Close

NMI Electronic Systems Design Group Presents a Series of 3 Webinars: Building a Trusted AI-based System

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems are becoming prevalent in a wide range of industries, distinguishing new innovative products with inference capabilities. However, their introduction brings additional challenges regarding their reliability, safety and security…


Dan Wilkinson


Dr William Jones


Peter Davies


Chris Longstaff 

Mindtech Global

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