Environmental Health & Safety

NMI plays and important role with Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) groups to ensure the continued improvement of safety standards through facilitating benchmarking and detailed discussions between industry experts.

Semiconductor manufacturing in particular is a process that requires the use of substances, chemicals and equipment that have the potential to be hazardous to health. To help ensure the highest standards possible, the NMI coordinates two specific forums:

  • EH&S Managers forum – Where member companies have detailed discussions on sharing and developing best practices.
  • The Joint Working Group – This group is a collaboration between members, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Trade Union participation. This provides a forum for the industry to share best-practice and participate in a constructive manner with the HSE to understand legislation, ensure compliance and share information across.

Both of these groups are highly productive and have developed a joint set of guidelines for the Monitoring of Hazards for example. The full document can be downloaded within the Members area of this web site but the introduction can be downloaded here.

Useful links for EH&S professionals:

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