At the IMS 2022 exhibition 21-23 June, in Denver, Colorado, USA, Sivers Semiconductors will be running live “over the air” traffic with the Airvine WaveTunnel system. This ground-breaking innovation is based on Sivers’ TRXBF01 RFIC for superior performance in the 60 GHz band. Live demonstrations will be held in the Sivers booth.

Airvine WaveTunnel technology enables a distributed switching architecture that delivers intelligent indoor, broadband transport for Enterprise Accounts worldwide. The Airvine solution leverages 14 GHz of unlicensed spectrum up at 60 GHz, along with a high-gain beamforming antenna, intelligent switching, and state of the art RFIC technology from Sivers Semiconductors. Each WaveTunnel node utilizes two of the Sivers Semiconductors’ WiGig TRXBF01 RFICs, which allows the system to provide multi-gigabit/sec data transfer rates, Airvine technology can both relay traffic as well as add/drop it to locally attached Wi-Fi APs.

Airvine is planning on general availability of their WaveTunnel system in mid-Q3, 2022. This will completely revolutionize enterprise indoor networking by delivering the broadband transport required by technologies like Wi-Fi 6/6E, but without any of the limitations of legacy solutions.

The pilot phase of the Airvine program focused on enterprise clients in the multi-dwelling unit (MDU), manufacturing, warehousing, and hospitality sectors. These clients have a strong need for a high-performance backhaul solution that is quick and easy to install, and can easily accommodate rapid moves, adds, and changes. The do-it-yourself nature of a WaveTunnel installation is also a compelling feature.
“We are very excited to begin shipments of our ground-breaking WaveTunnel technology. There has been great enthusiasm on the part of our pilot customers who are eager to get this technology into their production networks. The pilot phase was massively oversubscribed.” Vivek Ragavan, CEO, Airvine

“Airvine has killed one of the fundamental myths of mmWave technology. The way they blast the data traffic through walls is a mind-blowing application of our high-performance technology. The cooperation with the Airvine team has been excellent and we are very excited and optimistic to how the WaveTunnelTM will conquer the market for intelligent indoor, broadband backbone solutions”, said Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers Semiconductors.