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In the 60s and 70s public transport was the norm and owning a car was a sign of prestige; in the 80s and in the 90s car ownership was a rite of passage for everyone, and buses were for losers; and now car ownership is becoming an optional lifestyle choice alongside with the inexorable rise of the on demand. There appears to be a move towards more flexible options, ownership, shared ownership, car clubs, on demand vehicles and drivers, widespread delivery companies, flexible buses, more extensive mass transport systems, all in the light of climate change, and developments in automation and self-driving vehicles.

What will the transport system of the future require:

  • Connectivity, for smooth running of the system?
  • Connectivity, for work and leisure during commute/travel?
  • Fully joined up road, rail, bus, taxi? Interoperability? Platforms?
  • Analytics to ensure the right capacity in the right place?

This CWIC Starter is championed by Paul Ceely from the Automotive & Transport SIG.


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