NMI Yearbook 2017 is now online

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As well as informing you of the broad range of activities undertaken by us, the Yearbook also features a number of articles on contemporary topics. Amongst them are: Introduction by Sir Hossein Yassaie, Chairman of TechWorks Annual Review Enabling Connected Cars for an Integrated Transport System:Andrew Patterson, Mentor Graphics Packing a Punch for System Houses : Paul Double, EDA Solutions … Read More

The UKESF releases a new white paper: Connecting With Millenials

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“In the UK, the Electronics sector is big, valuable and growing; however, the demand for employable graduates is currently outstripping supply.” Stew Edmondson, CEO of UKESF The UKESF is now offering advice to Electronics employers about connecting with Millennials. You can now download its White Paper from the UKESF website to learn more about how to connect with Millennials and … Read More

Open innovation, Japan and the UK

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By John Moor It’s been more than 8 years since NMI published it’s report titled Partnering the Future: Business Innovation in UK Microelectronics – a key concept behind transformation identified at the the time was open innovation. Although not an entirely new concept, what was emerging was a pick up in globalisation in new technology and innovation which had a democratising effect … Read More