Introducing the FPGA Frontrunners Forum


To guide the FPGA Network’s priorities, and to amplify the voice of FPGA users, NMI founded the FPGA Frontrunners Forum (FFF).

This is a group of leading practitioners in the UK and Ireland invited from the membership of the NMI FPGA Network. Each Frontrunner brings in-depth knowledge of a particular application space for FPGAs to collectively represent examples of all types of FPGA usage in the region.

The FFF meets at least quarterly; topics of discussion capture the pulse of industry and aim to recognise current challenges steer direction of NMI’s FPGA focus.

The FPGA Frontrunners are the backbone of the NMI FPGA Network.


FFF knowledge of market, technology & techniques


The FFF Capability Matrix identifies the markets, technologies, techniques they believe are most important to have knowledgeable or expert representation. It aims to be broad based and inclusive of all aspects most relevant for NMI member companies.
The team undertook a basic qualitative assessment of their knowledge to determine a score. The score is reflected as a rating of Expert, Intermediate or Limited level of knowledge/skill for each capability criteria in the list below.

The FFF aims to maintain a membership of up to 15 leading protagonists for FPGA based design. Where the knowledge is an expert level NMI members can be confident their interests could be represented. Where knowledge level is intermediate or limited the FFF welcomes expression of interest from experts in such domains to join the forum.

To share ideas with the NMI FPGA community or to express interest to join the FFF please contact [email protected].

Forum Skills


Telecomms-4G/5G Intermediate
National Security Intermediate
Automotive Expert
Miltary/Defence Expert
Medical Limited
Finance Limited
Broadcast/Video Intermediate
Data Center / HPC Limited
ASIC Prototyping Expert
Industrial (control/measurement) Intermediate
Low Range FPGA Expert
Mid Range FPGA Expert
High Range FPGA Expert
Digital ASIC Intermediate
Mixed Signal ASIC Limited
ARM SoC Expert
CPLD Intermediate
Vendor Synthesis Expert
Vendor Place and Route Expert
Synopsys Intermediate
Mentor Graphics Expert
Aldec Limited
ASIC Tools Intermediate
VHDL Expert
Verilog Expert
System Verilog Intermediate
System C Limited
C++ Intermediate
Python Expert
TCL Expert
MatlLab Expert
Signal Processing Expert
High Speed Networking Limited
Soft Core Processors Expert
Partial reconfig Limited
Embedded Debug Expert
PCB Design Expert
Signal Integrity Tools Intermediate
High Level Synthesis Intermediate