Quality & Reliability


This network was originally named FACR (Failure Analysis, Characterisation & Reliability).  The main motivation for its introduction was based on the following:

  • Characterisation tools are costly for in-house use and required specialised skills.
  • Few places have all techniques available.
  • There is a lack of knowledge of what services are available and where.
    Cost, efficiency and quality of product introduction are all impacted.

The Network was re-launched under a new title of “Quality & Reliability” in March 2008 at the event held on Wolfson site in Edinburgh. This was in direct response to feedback from our members, and embraced the motivations listed above and at the same time augmented them with a wider scope in response to the need for services and tools covering the wider scope of Quality and Reliability test.


  • Create a network of Service / Tool providers that can meet with the end users from the complete spectrum of the Electronics supply chain ( Chipless / Fabless / IDM’s / Foundry ).
  • Provide information on available techniques/tools in the field of Quality & Reliability testing methodologies.
  • Facilitate collaboration, outsourcing and best practices via the Technical networks
  • Facilitate Table Top Exhibitions to provide Suppliers with opportunity to demonstrate their services.

Previous Events:

  • 2013 Dec, “Design for Reliability – “From Chip to System”
  • 2013 Mar, “Managing the ever increasing risk of ESD damage”
  • 2012 Mar, “Meeting the Customer Quality Challenge”
  • 2011 Feb, “Chip reliability for mission critical systems”, BAE Systems, Rochester
  • 2010 Feb , “Quality and Reliability Assurance”, NPL, Teddington
  • 2009 Feb, “Knowledge Based Qualification”, UNISEM, South Wales
  • 2008 Mar, Quality Assurance, Wolfson Microelectronics, Edinburgh
  • 2007 Mar , Packaging, UNISEM, South Wales
  • 2006 Apr , Automotive Quality, Cambridge


The Presentation materials from past Q&R events are available to all NMI members by logging in to the members area.