Quality & Reliability Network Event

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As Customer demands on Quality and Reliability become increasingly tough Companies must invest more by “designing in” ( DfR ) rather than trying to “screen out”. The event dealt with a broad cross section of “Quality and Reliability Assurance” issues faced by UK Semiconductor companies. Experienced Industry speakers covered views from both end user and technology ( chip ) supplier – complemented by a sample of case studies from analytical and reliability service suppliers.

Nihal Sinnadurai (CEO of ATTAC and a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE) , Ticking Time-Bombs in Electronics and Photonics Systems and Networks
NPL, Alex Shard / Chris Hunt, Surface Analysis, PCB & Component Reliability
Freescale Semiconductor, Ally Gorman, Designing in Automotive Quality
Lauterbach, Barry Lock  Taking the right decisions
Maser Engineering, Mark Gortemaker, Obsolete products application, a potential reliability hazard.
RCL / DfT Solutions, Stephen Meats/Eric Cormack, Applying the principles of DfX to correct design weaknesses found on first silicon
Industry Forum, Arthur David   Managing Automotive standard TS16949