PowerelectronicsUK calls for companies to deliberate the future of the industry


Birmingham, UK March 28, 2017 — PowerelectronicsUK, the association for the Power Electronics Industry in the UK, has published a white paper on the business and technology direction needed to maintain and grow the global reputation and impact of this important export oriented  sector.

The paper, entitled “Driving Innovation in Power Electronics across the UK Community: A Route Map for success” highlights the importance of power electronics at the heart of radical UK innovation in aerospace, automotive, factory automation, robotics, medical engineering and communications.

The report, released at the launch of PowerelectronicsUK as a formal industry association, identifies key measures the industry can take in supply chain development, innovation, R&D and skills. Included within this is a call for an £80m industrially-led programme of 3 ‘Grand Challenges’ in Power Electronics that will drive UK innovation, growth and impact.

Paul Taylor, Chairman of PowerelectronicsUK and Chief Advisor of CRRC Times Electric, said: “Today I am pleased to launch the new PowerElectronicsUK industry community association and White Paper. We aim to secure recognition that Power Electronics is a unique discipline at the heart of key UK export oriented manufacturing sectors, and support the UK power electronics community in pulling the key technology to market along a robust supply chain, and in implementing steps to develop and grow the UK skills base.

Alastair McGibbon, Director of PowerelectronicsUK said: “The launch of the white paper is highly significant to development of the power electronics industry in the UK. It shows a vibrant industry ready to take the initiative and drive growth for the key UK sectors it underpins.’

About PowerelectronicsUK

PowerelectronicsUK is the UK Industry Association for Power Electronics. It has over 80 industrial members with the aim of maintaining and grow the position of the UK as a recognised world leader in power electronics.

For more information please visit www.power-electronics.org.uk or www.nmi.org.uk