Open innovation, Japan and the UK

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By John Moor

It’s been more than 8 years since NMI published it’s report titled Partnering the Future: Business Innovation in UK Microelectronics – a key concept behind transformation identified at the the time was open innovation. Although not an entirely new concept, what was emerging was a pick up in globalisation in new technology and innovation which had a democratising effect – that is, it was no longer the preserve of large organisations.

It has often been said – not by me but many of my associates – that Japan was too insular in the past. Those conversations are dated now (probably to the time I wrote the report) and Japan has grown ever outward looking. I was delighted to receive notice of a new report from my Japanese contacts in UKTI outlining the emphasis that is now being placed on open innovation in Japan.

The phrase “Open Innovation” has seen a marked increase in use amongst the Japanese media over the last two years. If the Japanese market adopts open innovation, many new business opportunities for UK companies will come about.

The UKTI team have conducted interviews with leading electronics and tech companies towards open innovation and have published their findings on:

  • Details of Their Activities
  • The Effects of Digitalisation
  • The Areas of Focus for Japanese Companies
  • Which Technologies are of Interest
  • It includes case studies and discusses how business is done in Japan

But I’ve said enough – if you’re interested in any of these topics you can see the report for yourself which is downloadable from the Export to Japan website