Open Call for Tender for Technical Consultants and Services

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imagesThe European Spallation Source (ESS) is a new international research centre being built in Sweden. The UK is contributing £165 million which is managed by STFC. We are looking for UK companies to respond to tenders at the ESS. For more information please see the ESS website.

Open Call for Tender for Technical Consultants and Services

ESS is inviting tenderers to submit tenders in order to conclude Framework Agreements for the provision of Technical Consultants and Services, covering on-site and off-site consultants and specific services. While this OCT (Open Call for Tender) covers both Technical Consultants and Services, the majority of specific contracts will be for Consultants. As such, the evaluation is conducted primarily on evidence and tenders related to Consultants. However, tenderers are requested to indicate  if they are also able and interested in providing services to ESS and will be considered for Services for the same technical areas in which they are awarded for Consultants.

ESS is seeking to enter into Framework Agreements with multiple companies with diverse profiles, including large companies and smaller, specialised companies. In order to achieve such, this OCT is divided into 11 technical areas covering the type of work required and organized in 12 lots in order to facilitate tenders to ESS. ESS aims to have a minimum of 5 companies awarded per technical area.

  1. Technical analysis
  2. Plant and Process Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering, instrumentation and control
  5. Electronic Engineering
  6. Integration and Coordination
  7. Survey, Alignment and Metrology
  8. Project Management and Administration
  9. Quality management
  10. Environmental, Safety and Health
  11. Systems engineering

Lot A. Covers all Technical Areas (3 companies)

Tenderers must assess and choose up to five (5) lots based on their own strategy, company profile, competence and experience. Tenderers must provide evidence in their tenders that they can cover all of the criteria required for the selected lots.

Lot A: Tenderers for lot A must cover at least 9 of the 11 technical areas, as chosen by the tenderer. Tenderers must provide evidence in their tender that they meet all requirements for the chosen technical areas.

The initial duration of the resulting Framework Agreements will be two (2) years, the maximum possible duration will be five (5) years.

The deadline to respond to this tender is the 25th April 2016. The tender currently appears on the ESS procurement webpage, see link below. If you are interested in this, please register with the supplier portal for more information.

ESS procurement webpage: