NMI’s Mission

NMI recognises the vital role of the UK in a World critically dependent on Electronic Systems.

Every day we come across people who’s work is contributing to society’s abilities to:

  • Generate, distribute and make more efficient use of energy
  • Be better connected; in-touch and informed
  • Manage all forms of motorised transport
  • Create and harness the power of light
  • Improve our health leaving us free for longer from suffering and disease

Our Mission is simple:
To increase the quality and quantity of electronic engineering and manufacturing in the UK.

Our Vision is to become one of the UK’s most effective, influential and respected Industry Associations, bringing this gloriously diverse community together to:

  • Tackle common challenges
  • Seize potential opportunities
  • Develop the influence that befits an industrial sector of clear strength in this region and of such vital importance to society’s future
  • Provide recognisable value for each and every member

Value Proposition

NMI provides:

  • A focal point for this industry; connecting industry, academia and stakeholders to build a strong eco-system
  • A mechanism to work together to address common challenges in engineering and manufacturing sharing domain knowledge and know-how across vertical applications
  • Opportunities to raise your profile and develop your business through new partnership and programs addressing business opportunities
  • This industry with a voice by building industrial coherence on the strategic issues and opportunities; seeking to inform government and its agencies; supporting their  decision-making processes
  • A response to your individual business needs


NMI operates across the glorious diversity of our industry; our members include

  • OEM’s & Primes

    NMI Infographic – Click image to view full size

  • Tier 1 Contractors
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design
  • Semiconductor IP
  • Suppliers
  • Consultancies and Specialist Service Providers
  • Universities
  • Public Agencies

Invest in Your Future

NMI is a not-for-profit company funded by those organisations that:

  • Believe in our mission
  • Derive benefit from our work
  • Are willing to share the costs for their own & mutual benefit

We address our members short-term priorities and our industry’s long-term needs:

  • Do you care enough?
  • Join NMI today – our industry needs you



We are a commercially managed not-for-profit organisation funded by our members and offer membership to organisations throughout the eco-system including Electronic Systems Design, Embedded Products, Electronic Manufacturing Services, Integrated Device Manufacturers, Fabless Semiconductor Manufacturers, Semiconductor Foundries, Semiconductor Suppliers, Electronic Design Services and Product Consultancies, Intellectual Property Providers, Universities, National and Regional Government Agencies.

NMI is a trading name of the National Microelectronics Institute registered in Scotland No. 170059