NMI Manufacturing Supplier Directory 2016 is now online

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The latest directory features listings from 129 manufacturing suppliers in these areas :

Analytical Tools and Services, Packaging, Cleanroom Consumables, Cleanroom Services and Facilities, >R&D Services, Consultancy Services, Equip. Sales and Refurbishment, RF Related Services, Equip. Spares, Instrumentation and Consumables, Software & Automation, Equip. Support Services, Materials & Chemicals, Training, Outsourced Cleanroom Services (Staff, Processes), Vacuum Related Equip & Services, Electronics Manufacturing, Marketing Services, Passive Components.

If you are not a member of the nmi website, please tell us a few details about you and afterwards we will redirect you to the directory. If you are already a member of the site, please log in and come back to this page to view the directory.

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