Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems are becoming prevalent in a wide range of industries, distinguishing new innovative products with inference capabilities.  However, their introduction brings additional challenges regarding their reliability, safety and security. This series of 3 free-to-attend webinars will outline those challenges and how they can be demonstrably overcome or mitigated.

The 3 foundation webinars will first consider how AI-based systems are constructed from building blocks (e.g. AI-enabled sensors and actuators), the infrastructure that connects them, and how this is integrated into an intelligent system. Subject area experts will first outline the specific safety and security challenges (e.g. sufficiency of edge-AI training sets, wider security attack surface), and then consider potential solutions and their verification. Ultimately, the objective is to demonstrate that such systems can be reliably used in the target application.

Attendees, whether from a hardware-, software- or system-background,  will be able to learn from subject matter experts to better understand the challenges and solutions in building AI-based products and systems that are demonstrably reliable, safe and secure. Sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions for overcoming these challenges.