Industry Support

NMI supports both manufacturing and design centric membership through a service offering devised to meet the specific needs of each segment. Yet we do so much more – we also engage in a range of activities designed to represent and support the industry as a whole so that our collective voice is heard and common challenges addressed. We often undertake this in concert with a wider stakeholder group spanning the electronics industry. Such activities branch out in multiple dimensions and include key ongoing workstreams such as:

  • “Voice” to Government
  • “Outreach”: Supporting trade links and promoting the industry outside the UK and Ireland
  • The Skills Pipeline
  • The Research Agenda
  • Regulation and standards

But it does not stop here. Through our network of relationships and working with members, NMI provides a practical mechanism to respond to a wide array of requests, concerns and opportunities. It’s of no surprise that we encourage our members to become active in areas most applicable to their interests as this delivers greatest value. Our own research has found that 85% asserted that ‘active participation is required’, whilst the remaining 15% ‘strongly agreed’.