Focus on Talent – A Manifesto for Electronics

Francesca SemeraroNews

Derek Boyd, CEO of TechWorks, has joined Electronics Weekly discussion with several Electronics Industry Leaders on hopes, concerns and demands for the new government. Read the original article here.

Voices across electronics and tech have called on the new government to deliver the promise of the industrial strategy and to ensure the UK remains open to overseas engineering talent.

In interviews with Electronics Weekly both before the election and after, leaders of electronics associations and business said the new government must ensure that the UK industry can continue to recruit and retain engineers from overseas. In particular, concerns were raised about access to the single market, the future of the industrial strategy and the continued involvement of UK science and engineering in international projects.

Derek Boyd, CEO at TechWorks, said that the election result had done nothing to alleviate uncertainty for business, skills, trade and research and development that was caused by last summer’s referendum decision to leave the European Union. He told Electronics Weekly:

A sustained and stable approach to Brexit negotiations was required and clearly the election result does not deliver that. If anything, there is now increased political uncertainty, which is bad for business and investment.

Boyd added that is was crucial that the new governemnt should push through its industrial strategy, which has been delayed since the election was called. “The result seems certain to prolong that further”, he added.

The UK’s ability to plug its engineering skills gap post-Brexit is also high on the agenda for the industry, alongside its involvement in international science and standards.

Following the recent closing of a Skills Survey, TechWorks and UKESF, supported by IC Resources, have announced the delivery of two free Regional Skills Workshops in July in Bristol and Birmingham. 

The workhops will focus on the skills shortages of the electronics and tech industry, defining challenges and opportunities through an open discussion with representatives from Industry and Academia. Sharing the results of the Skills Survey and discovering how Apprenticenships and Masters Level can benefit the the Industry.

Find out more about the Regional Skills Workshops and join the discussion now: