European semiconductor sales up 5.9% year – on – year

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Brussels, April 2017

European semiconductor sales up 5.9% year-on-year

European sales of semiconductors reached US$2.819 billion in February 2017, an increase of 5.9% versus the same month in 2016. The results were announced by the European Semi conductor Industry Association (ESIA) based on the latest WSTS report.

Looking at month-to-month growth rates, the Europeanmarket was essentially flat (-0.6%) in February compared to the January sales. This development is in line with results in the regions worldwide. On a worldwide basis, semiconductor sales in February were US$30.391 billion, down 0.8% versus the previous month.
Several important product categories grew strongly in February on a month-to-month basis: discrete, optoelectronic devices, and especially sensors (+4.6% compared to January) all experienced steady growth in Europe. Sales of application – specific chips were also positive in Europe compared to the previous month. Looking at worldwide sales of application specific devices, automotive semiconductors grew strongly in February.
In February, exchange rate effects continued to play a role comparing market growth in Euros and in Dollars.
Measured in Euro, semiconductor sales were 2.659 billion Euros in February 2017, down 0.2% versus the previous month, and up 9.4% versus the same month a year ago. On a YTD basis, semiconductor sales increased by 11.5%.
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Giovanni Corder, ESIA Trade & Statistics Manager
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About ESIA: The European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) is the voice of the Semiconductor Industry of Europe. Its mission is to represent, promote and defend the common interests of the Europe based semiconductor industry towards the European Institutions and stakeholders in order to ensure a sustainable business environment and foster its global competitiveness. As a provider of key enabling technologies the industry creates innovative solutions for industrial development, contributing to economic growth and responding to major societal challenges. Being ranked as the most R&D intensive sector by the European Commission, the European Semiconductor ecosystem supports approx. 200.000 jobs directly and up to 1.000.000 induced jobs in systems, applications and services in Europe. Overall, micro- and nano-electronics enable the generation of at least 10% of GDP in Europe and the world.
About WSTS:World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) is a non-profit organization located in California, USA. Founded in 1986, WSTS is the singular source for monthly industry shipment statistics. The mission of WSTS is to be the respected source of semiconductor market data and forecast.