ESIA press release: European semiconductor sales up 18% year-on-year

Francesca SemeraroUncategorised

In May 2017, European semiconductor sales registered an impressive 18.3% growth compared to the same month one year ago, the European Semiconductor Industry Association reported on the basis on the latest WSTS data. May was the third consecutive month of growth in Europe. With a growth rate of 3.9% over April, Europe outperformed
all the other regions worldwide.
European sales in May amounted to US$ 3.108 billion. Global sales reached US$ 31.933 billion, up 1.9% versus April. All growth figures represent a three – month rolling average. European demand in May grew strongest for microcomponents (up 8.6% from April), diodes (up 6.9%), and discretes (up 5%). Sales of application – specific chips also grew steadily, in Europe and worldwide. Globally, semiconductors specifically designed for IC cards and for consumer applications registered the biggest increase in sales in May.
The exchange rate had a moderate effect on the European sales in May when comparing market growth in Euro and in Dollars. Measured in Euro, semiconductor sales were 2.877 billion Euro in May 2017, up 2.7% versus the previous month and an increase of 23.2% versus the same month a year ago. On a Year – To – Date, basis European semiconductor sales increased by 18.5%.