Embedded Systems Engineering Degree Apprenticeship Approved

Francesca SemeraroNews

esco-webNEWV3ESCO is delighted to announce that the Assessment Plan for a Degree Level Apprenticeship, for the role of an Embedded Electronic Systems Design and Development Engineer, has now been approved and the highest level of Government funding has been assigned. This completes the development process and the Apprenticeship is now ‘ready to deliver’. The Apprenticeship Standard and the associated Assessment Plan are available at:


ESCO anticipates that up to 50 new apprenticeship standards will need to written and approved by March 2017, when the new Apprenticeship Levy will be introduced.

Peter Brooks, ESCO CEO, said: ‘Developing this first Trailblazer Degree Apprenticeship and getting it to this stage has taken longer than expected, but it has been a useful learning process, which now stands us in good stead to support other businesses in our sector to develop and gain approval for further new Apprenticeship’.

Graeme Philp, CEO of GAMBICA and ESCO Council member, said: ‘As ESCO was one of the early adopters of the new Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme, we have been able to work with Government to make two significant amendments to the scheme as originally proposed, in that degree apprenticeships are now accepted in principle and the role of professional institutions in the apprenticeship assessment process is now mandatory. These amendments greatly enhance the scheme for the electrical and electronic systems sectors and we anticipate that they will also be of real benefit to other business sectors.’

Derek Boyd, CEO of NMI and founder of the UK Electronics Skills Foundation, said: ‘ESCO’s engagement with the new Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme is a major game changer for our sector in terms of addressing the significant skills gaps that exist. This initiative also complements the aims of the UK Electronics Skills Foundation, which has been working with universities and businesses to support undergraduates through their degree courses. Young people looking for a career in electronic or electrical engineering will have a wide choice of routes to gain the qualifications they need and achieve their ambitions.’