Embedded Innovation Network : Multi-Core/Multi-Processor Systems

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Multi-Core & Multi-Processor systems have been gaining ground for a number of years. Now with the complexity of such systems rapidly increasing, the ending of the ‘free lunch’ delivered by successive generations of silicon technology and the need for performance gains coupled with energy efficiency, what is the way forward?

This event looked at the challenges in designing, verifying and debugging a system with multiple processors. How can you ensure reliability, particularly if the multiple processors are from different vendors rather than on a single chip? Is it always necessary to use multiple cores to get performance and do designers even need to be aware of the underlying system?

  • Robin Kennedy, NMI “Welcome and Introduction”
  • Jeremy Bennett, Embecosm  – Chair
  • Andy Lunness, STMicroelectronics “Fifteen Years in Multi-Core Systems”
  • Barry Lock, Lauterbach “Surviving a Multicore Development Project”
  • Tony King-Smith, Imagination Technologies “Multi-Core, Multi-threaded, Multi-standard: Using architecture to maximise IP product scalability”
  • Paul Tingey, Wind River “Multicore System Architecture – from the Software Perspective”
  • David Stewart, Critical Blue “What Do Embedded Software Developers Really Think About Multicore Architectures?”
  • Joe Brennan, Renesas “Systems Knowledge at a Premium”
  • Matthew Dunn, LeCroy “Evolution of Protocol Aware Exercisers using multi-threaded techniques”

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