Electronic System Level Design – three years on

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This was an NMI Innovation Network Event.

In 2006, the NMI System-Level Design Network addressed ESL through a “Design for Re-use and Legacy IP” event. Three years on, we reviewed what ESL means today with a variety of case studies and presentations. Is ESL now in widespread production use, running out of steam or still maturing? What does it cost to invest in ESL, and what are the real benefits today? What changes are we are likely to see in the next three years, and what would accelerate further adoption of ESL ? Does it improve interactions between the hardware/software engineers, and/or bind implementation more closely to the system architecture? Indeed, how is it impacting the skills needed for SoC design? Finally, are standards making a difference or are they only of academic interest?

  • NXP, Nick Gatherer “Realising the Value of ESL
  • Doulos, John Aynsley “ESL and the OSCI TLM-2.0 Standard
  • Mentor Graphics, Alex Grove “Mobile Chip Design using High Level Synthesis
  • Synopsys, Markus Willems / Doug Amos “From Virtual Platforms to System Prototypes : Connecting Software to Reality”
  • Embecosm, Jeremy Bennett “ESL in the Future: The impact of Open Source
  • Cadence, Tony Holmes “ESL Design and Verification”
  • Art of Silicon, Rich Porter “Designer Productivity – an alternative approach”

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