Advanced Epi Materials and Devices Ltd

Advanced Epi Materials and Devices Ltd
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Advanced Epi’s mission is to revolutionise the compound semiconductor industry by growing and supplying silicon carbide based materials and devices that are tough, cost effective and designed to work in challenging places.

The material is suitable for a range of applications:

  • Sensors for harsh environments (high temperature, thermal shocks, vibrations, corrosive and toxic, high levels of radiation…)
  • Virtual substrates for the growth of gallium nitride and graphene
  • Biomedical devices and coatings
  • Power electronics
  • Thermal Management for existing silicon and compound semiconductor based devices

Advanced Epi aims to begin wafer production later on in 2016 with evaluation 3C-SiC/Si epi wafers going on sale shortly after.

To be involved with material development please contact us.

Contact Name: Gerard Colston
Phone Number: 07761304613
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