TKS Partnerships

TKS Partnerships

TKS Partnerships (TKSP) provides holistic business and product development strategies as well comprehensive marketing advice and implementation services built on 10 years as CMO of a FTSE250 technology company. We can bring together your product roadmap, marketing and sales strategies in one cohesive and pragmatic plan, or work with your existing management team in any of marketing, business strategy or product roadmaps to help you compete effectively in global markets.

We are all about complementing your core management team with many years experience in marketing, strategic business development and product planning as well as R&D for semiconductors, consumer and automotive product development & manufacture and embedded software.

Partnerships is what we’re all about. First and foremost, we aim to create a partnership with yourself – we’re not just another vendor. Then we bring a wide range of partnerships with us from our extensive networks world-wide. And we are also great at creating partners for your business once we understand what matters to you – something that can make all the difference.

Our style is all about working closely with you and your team. By aligning our capabilities with what your business can afford, we can ensure that you can benefit from our experience at a cost and speed that you can handle. And we’re happy to get creative to agree a financial plan that works for us both, whether you’re a startup, SME or Tier1.

With 10 years as CMO of one of the world’s leading semiconductor IP companies, we can help you promote, differentiate, manage & exploit all of your hardware and software assets. And with 25 years R&D management experience running five different product design teams across SoCs, mixed signal ASICS, consumer products and automotive subsystems, we have plenty of technology depth to understand any of your deepest technologies quickly. We work with engineering leads through to CxOs, and are particularly strong in relating advanced technology concepts to investors and non-technical audiences.

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