Dr Dave Innovation

Dr Dave Innovation

Dr Dave Richards delivers powerful, inspirational and transformative workshops, mentoring and consulting that help organisations grow value through a powerful convergence of strategy, people engagement, and innovation leadership. Dave’s approach is based on several decades of experience leading the creation of $ Billions of shareholder value in globally P&L responsible senior executive roles, as a cofounder of the MIT Innovation Lab, as a pioneering business psychologist, and through some interesting successes and spectacular failures as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur.

Strategy, organisational change, and start-up and innovation success rates are disappointingly low across all sectors of human enterprise. The root cause is human nature – seven specific aspects of psychology that relate to the seven key elements of organisational strategy. These human factors undermine strategies, weaken leadership, and create ineffectual team engagement and organisational cultures. In his acclaimed book, Dave provides a systematic approach for addressing these issues. Working with the framework measurably improves success rates, drives growth, and enhances the ability of organisations to create significant, strategic and sustained value. According to Roger Lacey, former Chief Strategy Officer of 3M, “The Seven Sins of Innovation elevates the thinking on this crucial subject to the highest level”.

Dave is always interested in working with new clients in new sectors, but has considerable depth and breadth of experience in digital engagement, telecom, and big data. Emerging areas of engagement include More than Moore, AI, smart cities, fintech, biotech, cyber security, healthcare, and public service transformation. Whatever your specific interests, issues or opportunities may be, Dave will very likely offer unique perspectives, fresh ideas and considerable value drawing on vast experience outside your specific industry or sector.

Dave’s successful track record working as a consultant, interim and senior executive – with commercial, public and social enterprises – spans start-ups, through SMEs, to governments and multinational leaders.

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