Analogue, Mixed-Signal and RF

The UK has a well established competency in analogue and mixed-signal.

The Analogue Semiconductor market is growing rapidly with analogue circuits playing a crucial role in a variety of consumer applications such as wireless communications, wireless peripherals, MP3 players and digital cameras. Today, analogue designers can face implementing high-performance analogue using thousands of transistors often sharing silicon with millions of gates of digital logic on 90nm technologies and below.

The UK has a well established competency in analogue and mixed-signal, including a strong academic and research base, wide ranging design expertise, EDA tool development and circuit and SIP manufacture capability. This network provides a forum to exchange practical techniques and experiences in all of these fields. The forum also provides an opportunity for networking, business development and collaboration.



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Past presentations available in Design Innovation System members’ area

  • 12th September 2013, Intel, Swindon “High-Speed Data – Conversion and Acquisition”
  • 4th July 2012, Thames Valley, “Next Gen Wireless Communications”
  • 1st March 2011, Intel, Swindon “High Speed Communications”
  • 29th April 2010, Intel, Swindon “Internet Everywhere”
  • 22nd October 2009, Xilinx, Dublin “Digitally-Assisted Analogue”
  • 4th April 2009, Intel, Swindon “Leading Mixed-Signal Designs down the Sub-Micron Path”
  • Low/Efficient Power Design (joint with System-Level Design Network)
  • Design at Advanced Nodes
  • RF IC Design, Implementation and Manufacture
  • Mixed-Signal Verification (joint with Verification Network)