A tie up between Reliability Solutions, UK and Reliability Centre India

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Reliability Solutions, UK and Reliability Centre India have tied up together to provide a TOTAL solution to companies that require to improve and manage BOTH Product and Software Reliability, a service that is simply not available at this level in today’s consulting market.

Martin Shaw , MD Reliability Solutions brings over 30 yrs of Hardware Reliability Experience into this new offering with Birinder Singh, of Reliability Centre India who also brings 25 yrs of experience in Reliability and Safety Planning, Management and Software Reliability Testing.

The services they can provide to Electronics Design and Manufacturing companies include the following:-

(1) Reviewing Reliability programmes of clients and advising how to make most efficient Defect Detection Reliability Test Plans at lowest possible cost
(2) Reviewing client manufacturing processes to assess their ability to detect and manage process reliability defects which escape to the field and fail in Early Life stage of the products lifetime
(3) Develop World Class reliability Improvement programmes focusing on all necessary areas;
– Design Quality
– Design for Manufacture
– Early Life Reliability
– Process defect performance
– Accelerated Life Testing
– New Product Introduction control

(4) Set up efficient Process / Quality / Reliability Reporting methodology for Senior Management use to drive the improvement actions in correct areas that will drive improvement / cost reduction

(5) Develop Sub-Assembly and Full Assembly Early Life Reliability Test programmes for immediate Field Failure Reduction and Cost Saving
(6) Develop unique Accelerated Life Testing for any Electronic or Electro-Mechanical Product
(7) Develop the ‘Reliability Solutions’ model for predicting early Life Field Failure Rates using process yield data
(8) Define and Develop a Unique Design Maturity Measurement approach for each client to measure progress and growth of Design Quality / Reliability through the Design Cycle
(9) Teach efficient DFMEA methodology tailored to each client’s product type and culture which will have direct link and effect on Reliability Improvement
(10) Provide dedicated Reliability Training, can be tailored to each client’s needs
(11) Setting up Internal client Reliability Assessment scoring using the ‘Reliability Solutions’ model
(12) Perform overall Client GAP Analysis to identify ALL weak areas which require improvement to reach World Class Reliability Levels, includes focus on;
– Process measurement/performance
– Reliability test upgrades for Early Life and Long Life
– Use of FMEA, Design and Process
– Supplier component Quality improvement
– Design Quality Testing improvements and setting up Design Maturity Scoring/ Measurement
– Executive Reporting methodology to ensure focus only on key areas that will directly drive Quality/Reliability Improvement
– Upgrading New product Introduction (NPI) Assessment and Scoring methods to provide overall NPI score that will relate directly to ability to provide World Class Reliability