FPGA and Programmable Devices

Programmable devices have been with us for a long time, and are one of the most important platforms for electronic system design.

Benefiting from Moore’s Law, and to some degree driving that law, FPGA devices have become cheaper and increasingly sophisticated and capable. It is no surprise, therefore, that FPGAs and other programmable hardware devices now sit at the heart of a great many product and system designs and this trend is set to continue – into ever higher volume markets.

FPGA2012FPGA Usage by Market Sector
Engineers face a diverse number of challenges when using new (and sometimes existing) devices and because of that NMI launched its dedicated FPGA Network in 2012 to bring together practitioners and expert users to help industry learn and be be better equipped to compete in a wide variety of market domains.
A LinkedInGroup for the community
The FPGA-Eire –UK LinkedIn group is intended for users, technical leaders (at any level) – to build capability amongst all group members and to share interesting news, articles and discussions. join the group by following this link
Understanding Industry Needs
The NMI’s FPGA Industry Survey first ran in October 2014.  Teaming up with industry leaders to refresh our understanding of the real issues that industry faces, an industry survey for Eire & UK successfully gather data from active designers. The results from 174 respondents have been widely published in the FPGA press and in conferences, but most importantly, your status, trends and challenges have been guiding subsequent NMI FPGA Network activities. The survey was repeated in 2015 and plans to repeat in 2016 are important to gather meaningful trend data.  Look here to see a short presentation of some of the 2014 findings from the survey as presented at the recent Verification Futures Conference (thanks to TVS for hosting both the event and this recording).
FPGA Frontrunners Forum
To further guide the FPGA Network’s priorities, we have founded the FPGA Frontrunners Forum. This is a group of leading practitioners in the UK and Ireland selected from NMI membership. Each Frontrunner brings  in depth knowledge of a particular application space for FPGAs and between us, we cover almost all possible examples of FPGA usage in the region. The Frontrunners will be meeting on a quarterly basis and already, we are recognising common challenges and pooling our experiences. Look here to meet the Frontrunners.