NMI Brexit Survey Results

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BREXIT Survey Result Headlines:

  • 72% predict a weaker economy
  • 71% predict a weakened science & innovation economy
  • 27% trust Theresa May and the Government to deliver the 12-point plan

The comment that most summed-up replies is that “It’s madness – the wrong decision based on a campaign of misinformation and outright lies.”

The difficulty this presents us with is that all main political parties seem committed to “the democratic decision to leave the EU” and there is very little scope for lobbying against it.  We are currently working with association partners from ESCO to develop clear and agreed statements of industry requirements that we can feed into the government negotiating teams.  Whether they will listen remains to be seen.  Meanwhile, UK ties with the Trump Administration in the US grow stronger and “BREXIT will be a beautiful thing” says President Trump…we shall see!