Employment / Salary Surveys

Employment is a fertile interest space for NMI members and we’re ideally placed to broker discussion, conduct surveys, reports or specialised bulletins. A brief outline of our services can be found below.

NMI Employment Survey Report 2014

Initiated by our members, NMI now carries out an Employment Survey on an annual basis. The third edition has just been completed and below are some quick facts from the 2014 report:

  • The majority of participants (44%) indicated that they were planning salary increases of between 3-6% at their next review
  • The average UK staff turnover in last 12 months was just over 18% which is a significant increase from the previous year where the average was just under 5%
  • Several factors within the report indicated that the economy and demand has picked up and become stronger in the last 12 months. Such indicators include that UK staff turnover has risen, recruitment levels have risen etc.

The following job roles are included in this report:

• General ManagementNMIemploymentsurveyCover250
• Project/Programme Managers
• System Architect Engineers
• Hardware Engineers: Digital
• Hardware Engineers: Analogue/Mixed-Signal
• Hardware Engineers: RF
• Hardware Engineers: Verification
• Validation/Characterisation Engineers
• Software Engineers: Embedded
• Software Engineers: Applications
• Methodology/Design Tool Flows/Infrastructure Engineers
• Software Engineers: Design Tools Development
• EDA/CAD engineers
• Applications/Support Engineers
• Technical Operations Engineers
• Production Test Engineers
All NMI UK members within the Microelectronics Design & Semiconductor IP sector may take part in the survey. Its stated aim is to provide participants with an accurate benchmarking tool and identify common employment trends. This service is for NMI members only and is provided at no additional cost. The survey is confidential and is only available to participants.

If you are interested in taking part in the next survey or if you wish to find out about sponsorship opportunities –  please contact Sophie Ericson, 01506 401214.

Manufacturing Human Resources Benchmark Report

NMI provides all sorts of benchmarking opportunities for its manufacturing members whether it’s face to face meetings or statistical reports. These reports are usually in anonymous formats yet provide unique and practical information supporting member knowledge as a basis for decision making.

Benchmarking the statistics within HR such as salary, absence and attrition are one of the tools which our manufacturing members benefit from. While there are other reports in the market place NMI’s reports are focussed on our semiconductor industry with specific definitions that enable real comparisons to be made. We do not sell these reports or circulate to those who have not participated but we would be happy if you would like to get involved, so please contact us to find out more.